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Construction Watch: 1 Kearny Revealed

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Thanks to a watchful reader, we finally have the full deets on 1 Kearny Street the nice hunk of demo that faces Market at Third Street. What now looks like a giant pit of nothing will soon hold a building designed by Architect Charles F. Bloszies. The new structure will bookend (and thus, support) the original French Empire-style building next door, a survivor of the 1906 earthquake first constructed in 1902. An annex designed by Charles Moore in the 1960's will brace the other side, joining the other two to form the crazy crack office complex seen here. Bloszies describes the new addition as "one of a very few new architectural expressions in an architecturally conservative downtown historic district" with "A richly textured glass and aluminum facade, tempered by terra cotta panels." Glass. Aluminum. ... Terra cotta. The curiosity, it rises.
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