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Gobsmacked: Canada Sees SF as Role Model for Solving Homeless Crisis

Total. Mind. Fuck. That's what we experienced upon unwittingly opened the Curbed SF inbox, only to be hit with this ton of bricks:

A young graduate student with a public policy degree advised the City of Vancouver on Tuesday to look south— to San Francisco— as a way to help address homelessness in the notorious Downtown Eastside. "Probably the central solution is the master lease program," Matt Wadsworth told a news conference called to release his winning essay and two others. "It was first conducted in San Francisco. The city leases single room occupancy units and other units from land holders and owners of apartment buildings and then acts as a sub-letter to the homeless or low-income individuals."Did we mention that Matt Wadsworth won $2k for his brillz observations? We're going to suggest that our intrepid student flip that booty into a one-way ticket to the Tenderloin— or better yet, the Mission Hotel— for a little field work. Excuse us while we go swallow a bottle of Excedrin and place a cool washcloth on our foreheads. Oh, Canada.
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