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Storefronting: Gucci Eco Flagship Greens Union Square

Putting the "fronting" in "Storefronting" like never before, a Gucci "Eco Flagship" store— the company's first— is set to open inside the first floor of 240 Stockton Street, facing Union Square. The legend is as follows: The building is an Energy Star rated space, which means that its tenants must become de-facto greenies. Next door nabe Gucci rose to the challenge, deciding to do make what was no doubt the company's first gesture toward eco-consciousness by building a green expansion. No dummies to the marketing power of green— and San Francisco's reputation as a bunch of envirotards a hotbed of eco-consciousness— Gucci's eco effort will also double as its first West Coast flagship store. Expected opening date: June 2008.
· Gucci Eco Flagship Store Opening Soon on Union Square [SF Bay Style]