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CurbedWire: Step Off! Says Craigslist Blog to its Counterfeit Counterpart

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SAN FRANCISCO—— the real Craigslist— has fired up its own blog, aptly titled Craigslist Blog. A few weeks back, as you may recall, another blog (also Craigslist Blog) popped up on the blogoscene; we nearly missed the minute disclaimer notice tucked away at the end of the page— who scrolls that far down, anyway? Someone at Craig & Co. (say, a certain Jim Buckmaster) certainly did: The "unofficial" Craigslist Blog has been politely asked to remove itself from the interwebs. As in, today. As of, right now. Cease! Desist! (Or get the hell out of town before it goes that far.) [CurbedWire inbox]
· Craigslist Blog [unofficial]
· Craigslist Blog [official]