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Ask Curbed SF: Destructoporn at Cupid's Span?

In need of guidance, oh wayward one? Turn to the oracle that is the Ask Curbed SF inbox. We'll burden the masses with your problems, and they, our all-knowing readers, will command thee. photog Plug1 just snapped this shot of Cupid's Span. The plop public art monument has been covered in scaffolding for a few days now, reportedly, tough Plug notes that one end is now swathed in construction tarps. This isn't the only query we've received on Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen's love letter to the Bay; others have noted construction teams scurrying along the planks. Conservation, we guess (as dreams of destructoporn dance through our sick little heads.) Rincon Hill vigilantes, help us out here.

Cupid's Span

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