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Renzo For Twice the Price

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Prepare for the mutiny that will erupt— and it will, believe us— as word spreads (enter Curbed SF) about the cost of admission at the new California Academy of Sciences. We can safely say that San Franciscans— nay, Archiheads the world over— have fallen into a swoon over this building, a superfantastic biomagical spaceship of a thing set to open in the fall. But they've gone and pulled a MoMA on us, SF: Adult tickets will ring in at nearly $25. And unlike MoMA or SF MOMA or many other civic institutions, there are no free Thursdays, or Tuesdays, or any other weekly free days in sight— try 17 for the entire year. Do we sound like misers? Indignant, democracy-loving San Franciscans? (And yes, we do know biodomes ain't cheap, but damn.) Good— that's the effect we're aiming for here. [SF Examiner]


147 Minna St, San Francisco, CA 94103