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Architecture Watch: London's Olympic Icona Rises

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Join us for Architecture Watch, wherein Curbed SF steps out into the wide, blue yonder, collecting the best, worst, and wonkiest of projects. Nominate!

Icona. What a typically laughable name for a piece of commercial architecture— even if it was commissioned as part of London's 2012 Olympic megaplex. Architects Stock Woolstencrof designed the residential, mixed-use development, the first fished project in a series of high-profile buildings; it will overlook Zaha-Hadid's "over designed" Olympic Aquatics Centre, and sits within 300 meters of the new Olympic stadium. For better or for worse, the architects looked to conceptual art icon Donald Judd when choosing the brightly colored, industrial materials used to construct the 18, 7, and 4-story buildings; together, they hold 249 market-rate and 87 affordable units. (OMG they're building affordable homes near a stadium— an Olympic stadium. Shock! Awe!) Icona also affords 70 underground parking spaces and over 920 square meters of commercial space plus a gym. Has "W00t" worked its way into British slang? (We sincerely hope not.)
· Work complete on landmark Olympic scheme [World Architecture News]