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UPDATE: Bonnie & Clyde Landlords Terrorize Tenants

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Several readers expressed some skepticism regarding last week's post on landlords-cum-felons Kip and Nicole Macy: The Chron's story was one-sided, some claimed, and failed to put the situation into a larger context. A brief review for those just jumping into the fray: In August 2006, the Macy's purchased a six-unit apartment building at 744-746 Clementina Street, in SoMa, subsequently proceeding to evict its tenants according to Ellis Act allowances. Due to a disability, tenant Scott Morrow was granted a one-year reprieve. Following the subsequent nightmare outlined below (including new deets gathered over the weekend) the Macys were recently charged with multiple felony accounts of burglary, theft, conspiracy and stalking.

· Following a small but suspicious fire in the building, Nicole Macy allegedly asked the building inspector which ceiling beams might be cut in order to compromise the structural soundness of the building, thus causing the city to declare it uninhabitable. Strategic. Or not, as the ceiling was cut anyway, and Morrow's unit was subsequently deemed unfit for living.

· Noisy, dusty construction work above Morrow's unit; blaring music, stomping on the floor above him; throwing rocks at his window, threatening letters, cutting off power— according to today's report, the Macy's employed every classic passive-aggressive tactic one might use to piss off one's neighbor. If one were a criminally sadistic person, that is.

· The kicker: Kip Macy, a software engineer, is charged with having hacked into Morrow's email account in order to generate email messages to the attorneys involved in the case. Kip even fired Morrow's lawyer by email while posing as Morrow.

To the dubious among you: Change of heart?

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