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Rumblings & Bumblings: Can We Get a Witness at 701 Market Street?

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Rumblings & Bumblings: the Curbed SF construction watch for readers, by readers. You ask, we pass. Got an answer to one of these queries? To the comments or the tipline! Wondering about some urban carnage? Let us know. (As always, bonus points for digital photos.)

This in from a reader:

Can someone tell me what is going in at 702 Market Street? I don't recall seeing anything on this new building. I think that it is going to be connected to the existing 700 Market building based on the demolition that was going on to the communal side.Based on this snap, we don't think that this is the 1 Kearny Street historical retrofit we've been watching since December from the other side. We could be wrong, however, as the FiDi isn't our daily hood. Many of you do pound Market Street on a daily basis though— can we get a witness?