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Construction Watch: Dulux Demo at Market and Sanchez

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Well, we might as well dedicate what precious little time we have left in the day to the Upper Market/Castro nabe: It appears as though the Dulux Paint store is finally getting a tear-down. A two-part question, plucked from the Curbed SF inbox:

Any news on what's happening to the old paint store on Market and Sanchez? Construction fencing and demo started last week. Also, what about the empty lot across the street that used to be a Shell Station??We do know a couple of things about those lots: The Dulux site, as many will recall, was once the future home-to-be for a Trader Joe's— before the nabe blew the f'ck up over the prospect, that is. Shot down! Back in 2007 a Stanley Saitowitz-designed residential-over-retail development was rumored to be in the works for the opposite lot, which has sat empty for eons. No ground broken on that one yet, obviously. Castro residents, please enlighten us (as if you need an invitation!).