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CurbedWire: The Dulux/ Whole Foods/ Saitowitz Connection?

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UPPER MARKET/ CASTRO—Wrapping up our end-of-day rumor slinging sesh: The Upper Market/Castro hearsay is arriving in droves— you guys are on it. Earlier in the afternoon, a reader sent in a query about the car dealership at Market and Dolores Streets; word on the street has it that the site is slated for a Whole Foods. Another reader pointed out that demo has begun on the old Dulux paint store on Market and Sanchez. He wondered what project might be cooking at the abandoned lot across the street, rumored to be the future site of a Saitowitz-designed retail/residential project. A third reader just tipped the CurbedWire inbox to the following scheme: According to our tipster, the Whole Foods will serve as the retail component of a multi-story residential building planned for the site once the Planning Department approves the development plan for the area. Our tipster claims that at least ten sites are up for consideration, and that several prominent local architects are already in talks with developers. Confirmations? Denials? You know where to go. Cookies to those who send digital pics. [CurbedWire inbox]

Whole Foods

2001 Market St, san francisco, ca