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Real Estate Snitch Nets Over a Mil for SF

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To answer your question: No, it wasn't us. An anonymous tip delivered back in 2006 by a real estate whistleblower has netted the city more than $1 million. The informant ratted out a publicly traded real estate trust that gobbled up a majority stake of an Inner Sunset apartment building; the deviants didn't report the acquisition to the city, however, thus avoiding a reassessment of the property— and a tax increase. Sneaky Pete came forward eventually though, netting the city a neat stack of Benjamins, and a solid win for their recently-instated commercial real estate watch program. Snitches who report tax underpayments to the city can earn up to 10% of the assessed taxes should their tips pan out. Operators are standing by.
· Real Estate Whistleblower Nets $1.3M For SF [Examiner]