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Curbed National

We do have sites in LA and NYC, you know— Curbed National travels to lands far away, taking a very visual look at architecture and design developments along the way.

1) NYC: 1937. That was the last time a Upper East Side homeowner pulled a stunt such as the one going down right now on East 90th. An owner has bought two adjacent homes and plans on combining them into a 17,000 foot home. The work of Bradgelina or a similarly fertilized couple, surely.
2) LA: Enter the Carlyle Residences, a 24-story, 76-unit tower on Wilshire boulevard. Posh, posh, posh: 2.6-6.6 million per 2,7000-5,000 square foot unit; furnishings designed by Fendi Casa; Dale Chihuly in the lobby; LA Sports club, a library, a wine cave ... spoiled rotten.
3) LA: Looks like LA has fallen ill with Glass Fever, too: The "Aqua Rod" is a 59-unit feat of advertecture on Hollywood Boulevard. Hot mess.