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Future Watch: New Lease for the Loin

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In a report so heartening that we'll truly believe it only when we see it, today's Examiner fantasizes about a future, functional Tenderloin free of the insanity that keeps so many away from the nabe. The 'Loin is looking up, believe it or not: the retail vacancy rate has dropped nearly 30% since 2003. Looking forward toward the next five:

· A French bakery and restaurant is slated to open this summer at Market and Sixth Streets. Repeat: Market and Sixth will soon see a French bakery. And restaurant.

*Pause for recovery* Moving along then ...

· A five-story, glass-fronted mall is scheduled to open between Fifth and Sixth Streets by 2011.
· The Warfield Theater is likely to see renovations in the coming year while Secrets Adult Super Store (the largest in the city) is perhaps "no longer for this world," says the owner of both buildings.
· By 2010, residential towers housing 1,900 units are expected to open across from the Orpheum Theater. Hope, it abounds.
· Blighted street seeing the light [SF Examiner]

Orpheum Theatre

1192 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94102