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Eater Tastings: Rumormongering at Minty, Greening at V, Snickering at Kaleidoscoop

It's Friday afternoon, and that means it's time to pop on over to Eater SF for a re-cap of the week that was in resto world.

[Picture it: Future home of Il Buco— if the rumors are true, that is.]

1) Rumormongering: The chronically unloved 54 Mint space has finally found someone to fill the hole in its heart. According to the word on the street in NYC, Manhattan's classic Il Buco just might blow in and sweep Minty off its feet. Finally.
2) Doubting Thomases be damned: V Restaurant will be the greenest resto in the whole wide world. You just wait and see, OK?
3) Not unlike a child named Sunshine or some such, Kaleidoscoop is destined to suffer unduly due to its (very unfortunate) moniker. To the Pinkberries and yoCups of the world: it's not really so bad now, is it?