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Bonnie & Clyde Landlords Terrorize Tenants

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Landlord rage is real, people. The new Bonnie and Clyde of San Francisco real estate, Kip and Nicole Macy, recently posted bail on charges of felony stalking, felony residential burglary, conspiracy, and other oddities brought on by a former tenant; the Macys purchased the six-unit, three-story SoMa building in 2005, and began eviction processes against its five tenants in order to make longer-term plans for its renovation. When one of the tenants had the audacity to protest their attempt, the Macys put the screws on: For starters, they sabotaged his apartment by cutting through the floor's support beams; when that didn't work, they simply instructed workers to carve right through the floor itself. Other tenants were harassed with threatening letters, and the theft of cash, jewelry, and phones— hell, the Macys even disassembled furniture, doused tenants' possessions in ammonia, and physically assaulted them. "My way, or the highway!" Yes, apparently so.
· S.F. landlords charged with tenant terror [SF Gate]