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New Feature Alert: Curbed SF's "Under 500 Club"

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The Under 500 Club is Curbed SF's exclusive members-only support group for those shoddy, poorly-staged homes (if at all!) languishing on the market for under $500,000. It's a sad state of affairs out there, San Francisco. All sad sacks and shitboxes should appeal to the Curbed SF inbox.

What: A picture is worth a thousand words and 220 Delong Street. is the very portrait of what one might associate with sub-$500k homes in San Francisco, sadly enough. Beaten down and badly finished, but not without a certain bait-shack charm. (Work with us here.)
Where: Outer Mission
How Much: $430,000
Note: Location, location, location, or potential, potential, potential?

What:From the outside, 48 Cayuga Avenue seems like a nice enough spot. Even upon entering, the "Marina style" 2 bedroom may even strike one as a bargain ...until one steps downstairs and discovers that IT'S NOT FINISHED.
Where: Mission Terrace
How Much: $499,000
Note: Features formal dining room, original crown moldings, hardwood floors. Also included: exposed studs and insulation.

What: 1923 Palou Street is a 4 bedroom / 2 bathroom home that needs a little TLC. Noticing a trend yet? It offers "EZ access to the freeway," tile bathrooms, and an unwarranted in-law, and—bonus!—the bank owns it. The surprises, they never cease!
Where: Bayview
How Much: $352,000
Note: Listing describes a mysterious "bonus room!" Bonus.