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Gav to Supes: Get it Together on Solar Power

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Last week, Patrons of Progress the SF Board of Supervisors, blocked the Mayor's $3M plan to subsidize solar installation. Although their gesture only tabled the plan for 3 weeks, there may be some unexpected side effects. Solar City, California's largest solar-panel installation company, may now abandon their plans to open a training facility in Bayview; Mayor Newsom thinks that the delay could damage the city's relationship with other solar-related companies as well, thereby waylaying San Francisco's plan to become the nation's leader in the sustainable-energy industry. This, in turn, could have a negative effect on the Bay Area economy, resulting in complete breakdown of world governments and a descent into city-wide anarchy (a small stretch, yes). Solar City is giving the board 30 days to approve the plan before the solar-powered plug is pulled for good. Activists, mount up.
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