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Washington Street Development Debate Back On. Again.

The "other Seawall Lot", number 351, is back in the hot seat following the Port Commission's recent deliberations over the development of Seawall Lot 337. Allow us to set the scene: The developer who owns purchase rights to the Golden Gate Tennis & Swim Club at 8 Washington Street (between Drumm and the Embarcadero) has plans— has had plans for a long time, actually— to develop the northeast portion of the club by replacing two pools, three tennis courts, and the clubhouse with an 84-foot building and 107 condo units (34 affordable), along with an underground parking garage. (Note that today's Chron article contradicts one published back in March by the Examiner, which claimed that two 84-foot buildings were included in this second proposal; the first was rejected in 2004).

Objections? Need we even ask? View-loving North Beach and Telegraph Hill residents have long opposed the plan since its first inception. The buzz lay dormant, however, until last January's Drunkdialgate, wherein a scotch-soaked Aaron Peskin made some not-so-politically savvy phone calls to local port officials, threatening to kick ass and take names over the proposed development. Locals want none other than parks and public spaces, and the Port is allegedly accepting "community input" before pimping out the project to local developers. Holding ...
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