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PriceChopper: Burning it Down at 117 Broad Street

Remember Engine Company #33, the labor of love-turned-home by a couple of local fire buffs? Originally set at a prix d'hommage of $3.3 million, the fire house and business—and yes that includes that kick-ass vintage fire truck— has been taken down a rung to $2,900,000. That's a $400,000 price reduction for those you who don't do math. The owners, who run a fire tour business in the city, are hoping to find someone to carry on the business. (Insert lascivious joke about the fire pole here.)

117 Broad St. AKA Engine Co. No. 33
Then: $3,300,000
Now: $2,900,000
You Save: $400,000
· 117 Broad St. [MLS]
· Fire Sale in Ocean View [Curbed SF]

117 broad st, san francisco, ca