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City Vehicles Not So Green After All, Says Study

[Homage to MUNI courtesy Curbed SF Flickr group photog Whole Wheat Toast]

The momentum is waning on the city's plan to green its vehicle fleet; at the present, only around 35 percent of the city's cars, vans, trucks, and buses are running on alternative fuels, while the remaining generally roll out on unleaded gas. Gav first introduced this particular directive in 2005, mandating that city fleets purchase green vehicles save instances where "no alternative-fueled vehicle is available that meets specification.” Can you say "gaping loophole"? City departments obviously continue to favor gas-guzzlers that burn about $20 million worth of fuel annually (can't wait to see the 2007-8 figures!). Consolation prize: the city has mandated that its taxi fleet go entirely green by 2011, much to the chagrin of some drivers. Sure.
· Green goal for city fleet is fizzling [SF Examiner]