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New Planning Director for SF: Climate Change

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Everyone knows Al Gore invented Global Warming, but it looks like "Mother Nature" is voting for a denser San Francisco, as climate change could become the biggest influence on future development in the city and the greater Bay Area. We need to start planning now, says the The Bay Conservation and Development Commission, whose initial mission to protect the then-shrinking Bay (this was back in the 60's) has now become the exact opposite — they are now working on solutions for ways to quell the threat of rising water levels in the Bay. So what can we do to defend our castles from encroaching floods? Enter: dense living. Increasing density in the city's core will, in effect, form an infrastructural bay-side flood shield. Communities are starting to take notice: municipal agencies repealing growth limits and 50 Bay Area jurisdictions have applied for grants to plans higher-density nabes. Climate change in charge!
· Climate change may alter bay growth patterns [SF Gate]

[image via Architecture 2030]