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Supes Make Laughingstock of City; Country Notices, Laughs

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In a rather damning indictment issued in today's New York Times, Mayor Gavin Newsom finally cops to what the rest of us accepted as fact long ago: San Francisco's Board of Supervisors needs to put the breaks on, pronto. Though the resto industry appears to have sustained the hardest (with mandates issued that demand health care for all resto workers and that nutritional information be posted by chains, for instance) though stringent rules and regulations have obviously affected nabe goings-on, too. Perhaps most telling— and certainly most priceless— is the article's closing quote, issued by one Mr. District Supervisor Aaron Peskin regarding his proposed ordinance that, if passed, will fine office buildings will force all skyscrapers to extinguish their nonemergency lights after sundown:

“Do I really think there’s going to be some sort of light cop that’s going to go up to the 29th floor and see if someone’s working? Of course not,” ... “But you can kind to try to guilt-trip people with this kind of thing.”Note to Peskin: Believe it or not, some of your contingency does, in fact, read news published out of other cities.
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