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Readers Vote: CAMP on Market and Van Ness?

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Market Street and Van Ness Avenue = New home for CAMP? We launched a reader vote following last week's announcement by the National Parks Service that the museum would have an "adverse effect" on the Presidio: Where might CAMP be built if Fisher & The Gang were to booted from the site? (Note that this will not happen. Money talks, folks.) Initial reader response suggested the following three sites: Market Street and Van Ness Avenue, Valencia and 26th Streets, and Chrissy Fields. 64.1 percent of you believe that the museum very well could be built at Market Street and Van Ness Avenue. Only 21 percent opted for Valencia and 26th, while 17.7 percent chose Chrissy Field. Did we mention that CAMP will be built in the Presidio? Well, just in case: It will.
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