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Developers Will Pay for SF Population Increase

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Developers may soon bear the financial burden of the childcare, parks, and fire services San Francisco will need in order to support the 55,871 more residents, 24,505 more housing units and 83,807 more employees expected by 2025— and the city's projection doesn't even include Mission Bay, Visitacion Valley, and Rincon Hill. (Odd, given the explosion of building projects in Mission Bay and Rincon Hill, especially.) Developers could be slapped with major expenses on a per-unit bases: $1,493 to $2,272 for child care, $3,078 to $7,854 for parks and $227 to $688 for fire services at a total projected cost of well over $250 million. Problem: how will those figures trickle down into the housing market? The Mayor's Office of Economic and Workforce Development's (un)feasibility report on the subject is supposed to drop by the end of May. A Residential Builders Association spokesman, however, has cautioned the city against “[killing] the goose that lays the golden egg.” Good times to come on this one, surely. [SF Examiner]