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Storefronting: Sketchers Comes to Its Senses?

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165 O'Farrell Street, the 24,000 square foot retail space on the corner of Powell Street, is on the block for an undisclosed price. Word has it that the owner (who also holds 33 Grant, current home of agnès b) is entertaining the prospects of single and multiple tenants for the choice spot, which also included a 7,000 square foot, fully customizable penthouse. (We smell a resto.) Question: Will Sketchers, the shoe abomination whose other SF outlets include a discount warehouse in the Mission, actually occupy the space? The company's logo has been plastered on the building for months, but we're beginning to feel a bit skeptical as to whether or not Sketchers can hold its own against H&M and Macy's, it's two adjacent neighbors. Actually, we're wondering if Sketchers is even in the picture. Union Square, incidentally, holds down the second most expensive rental market in the U.S.. Take that, Sketch.
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170 O'Farrell St., San Francisco, CA 94102