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SF General Hospital Re-Design Revealed

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The city revealed extensive plans yesterday for a new $887.4 million renovation to San Francisco General Hospital. The current building isn't going anywhere, but will instead be retrofitted to meet seismic standards. More notably though, the plans include a new 9-story, oval shaped building, developed to a great level of detail in hopes of avoiding the General Hospital-like drama surrounding Laguna Honda Hospital; approved before the design was finished, that hot mess will be complete next year at more than twice its initial $299 million budget. In reference to this medical mishap, the mayor said "We have a lot of angry people that don't trust us. Now we're asking them for close to a billion dollars." Not exactly inspiring words. SF General is Gavin's second shot— designed by Fong & Chan Architects, will be LEED Silver certified and includes a large roof garden without helipad... for now. P-Hill pilots, start your engines.
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San Francisco General Hospital

1001 Potrero Ave, San Francisco, CA