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"Underserved" Nabes on the Rise, Demand Cupcakes, Dog Sweaters

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Relax everyone: San Francisco is doing just fine. At least according to a new "Drilldown Report" released by national non-profit group, Social Compact, "a coalition of business leaders from across the country." Instead of basing their studies on U.S. census findings, the group uses more micro-local factors, such as local tax assessment records, building permits, credit payments, and utility payment data, to assess the city on a nabe-by-nabe basis. Their findings? Population is up, income is up, and there's plenty of room for new retail opportunities in San Francisco. Especially in "under-served" neighborhoods like the Tenderloin, Dogpatch, and Bayview areas. So if you're fantasizing about launching a cupcake shop or custom pet atelier but can't afford a storefront in one of the city's gentrier areas, why not roll the dice on Bayview? Longshoremen love cappuccino foie gras cuppie-cakes, too. And if they don't, the place will be overrun by condos soon enough, so what's the diff?
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