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Silicon Valley Watch: Apple's Second Mothership Stalled Out

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Whatever happened to Apple's second Mothership? Absolutely nothing, that's what. Two years ago this month, Steve Jobs delivered a blow to the Cupertino City Council: Apple needed an additional site for its growing workforce of hypertension-riddled Mountain Dew guzzlers, and had been considering a bailing on the town altogether. Nine spendy parcels of land later, Apple elected to stand down and hold out. “It’ll take us, you know, three or four years to design it, get all the approvals and get it built,” said Big Daddy Jobs back then, a bit ambitiously it turns out. Two years later, Apple has yet to apply for any permits whatsoever. Delays, yes— we're hedging our bets on 2012 at the earliest. As for the building, please, please, please, we beg of you Steve, don't look to your own products for design inspiration— that kind of shit only flies in Dubai.
· Apple’s new campus still a long way off [Fortune]

[iPad rendering— yes, this monstrosity is, in fact, being built in Dubai—courtesy James Law Cybertecture International]