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Happy Earthquake Day, Everyone!!!

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Happy Earthquake Day! It's been 102 years to the day since San Francisco crumbled to the ground like Sodom and Gomorrah. A crowd of fine citizens gathered very early this morning at Lotta's Fountain on Market Street to commemorate the spectacular event: Mayor Gavin Newsom got down with the people, sporting a sweat-stained Giant's cap with his natty overcoat while bowing his head in silence; also in attendance was Herbert Hamrol, the lone, 105 year-old survivor of the 1906 disaster who, incidentally, doesn't remember it very much given that he was a babe in arms at the time. "We don't have an earthquake every day," Hamrol said this morning. "So we have to celebrate the one we had. It was a beautiful earthquake." So Remember Herb when the next Big One comes and you find yourself in the bathtub, curled into the fetal position and eating Sloppy Joes out of a can while siphoning water from the toilet with a shampoo bottle. The rescue crews will be here in a jiff, folks. Chin up.
· Hundreds remember 1906 earthquake [SF Gate]