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Drama in Dog Shit Park, Passive Aggression Abounds

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Nothing like watching a snuggly neighborhood initiative morph into a vicious bout of passive-aggressive infighting. From a fed-the-F'up neighbor:

Duboce Park, long known as Dog Shit Park, is being trashed by dog radicals who object to having their precious pooches fenced in. Unhinged neighbors who apparently object to the new fence surrounding the off-leash dog area, have been stealing into the park at night to knock down the fence. The hooligans want the entire park to remain an off-leash dog area, failing to understand that there are actually people in the neighborhood who like to be near their dogs, but don't necessarily want them bounding onto them randomly as they're, say, waiting for the N-Judah or just trying to read. They seem to liken their cause to releasing Mandela from Robbin Island. But this neighbor can't help but wonder if what they really want is to create a local Dog Island. In any event, this is all neighborhood rumor, and just a real sad story, since the orange cones and barriers that are now standing in for fence look like crap.· Primary Elections: Bond to Fund Park Upgrades, Detract From Issues [Curbed SF]
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