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Brace, Eastern Nabes: Change is Nigh

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Ready yourselves for the big boom, eastern nabes: Members of the city's Planning Commission are charged today with the delightful task of poring over a 1,373-page document dubbed the Eastern Neighborhood Plan. If ratified, 2,200 acres' worth of the Central Waterfront, Bayview, Potrero Hill, the Mission, and some parts of SoMa will be entirely rezoned. Expect increased housing density, building heights, and new-and-improved building codes— enough to support a projected 20,000 new residents by 2025. If all proceeds according to Gavin's Master Plan, San Francisco will be entirely carbon neutral by then; to wit, four new parks, along with revamped transit, bicycle, and pedestrian routes have also been worked into the plan. No suspension of disbelief here, good citizens: Wont to toss about the hyperboles as we are, this one will be a shitshow, a civil war, an all out melee— Critics are already foaming at the mouth over nabe preservation and such. (Picture Daly and Mirkarimi convulsing wildly— thankfully, Peskin's out of the picture here, for the moment, at least.) A whopping 88 building projects are on hold pending the plan's approval; they could resume as early as next year. Brace.
·Wave of development could sweep through four eastern neighborhoods [SF Examiner]