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Architecture Watch: Beijing's Olympic Bird's Nest Opens

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Welcome to the "Bird's Nest", Beijing's very own Olympic stadium and an encore to Terminal 3 of the Beijing Capital International Airport, China's other project built specifically for the Great Event— and one that just happens to be the largest building in the world. Designed by De Young Museum architects Herzog & de Meuron, the structure gets its name from the 36 km, 25,000 tons' worth of warped and twisted steel that make up the structure and facade of the stadium. It gives one the impression that an enormous prehistoric avian has been scavenging the construction sites of China to create this, its new home. So what bold event will christen this 258,000 square meter, 91,000-seat monster structure that claimed the lives of 10 construction workers? Racewalking. That's right— racewalking.
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