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Storefronting: Putting the "Sketch" in Sketchers

Muses a reader (with an obvious compulsive shopping disorder):

I shop around in Union Square on a near-daily basis, and have been keeping an eye on the progress at 165 O'Farrell Street, the rumored future home of Sketchers. I noticed that your last Storefronting claimed that the building had been sold and was under renovation as a possible restaurant or something on the top floor. Noticed last weekend that the black wrapper came off, and now I'm confused— where's the renovation work on the facade? I love this building and was expecting to see it receive a new lease on life. Anyone know what's actually going on here? Sketch! · Storefronting: Sketchers Still Hott, Says Union Square [Curbed SF]
· Storefronting: Sketchers Comes to Its Senses? [Curbed SF]