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Greener Than Thou: SF Businesses Full of Hot Air

The Man has decided that it's time for San Francisco businesses to clean up their collective acts: Beginning July 1st, owners (corporations, what have you) may be charged for the emissions of heat-trapping gases released by their businesses. Once again, we're paving the way for other cities, as this will be the first time that any government has charged businesses for actions that contribute to global warming. The policy is being proposed by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, BAAQMD— we're pronouncing it "Bake Doctor" around the office— who are tired of waiting for higher governments and have decided to take matters into their own hands. "Outrage!" you say, "How can Bake Doctor do this?" Glad you asked. He (i.e. they) has always had the authority to independently regulate pollutants, and the good Dr. is now stretching that definition to include carbon dioxide and methane gases. Opponents are dubious, of course, and it remains to be seen if the new fee will be challenged at the May 21st approval hearing. These first-of-their-kind fees could potentially raise $1.1M, the majority of which would come from power plants and refineries.
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