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Sod Off, "Subversive Muralist"

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Hey listen, just because the folks at Ritual Roasters appear to be hipsters doesn't mean that they're even about to tolerate Mission hipster bullshit such as the following dooze. An Eater operative spotted this response to a recent graffiti job on Four Barrell, the next outlet in the Ritual coffee empire, at 375 Valencia Street. It goes a little something like this: Dear "subversive muralist," Your ignorance is showing. You obviously know nothing about this business nor its practices. You know nothing about its minority owner, his history or his intentions. Instead of jumping to conclusions and writing pointless unfounded "quips," try doing something productive with your anger. Maybe it'll cure your impotence. Fuck off [Ed. note: possibly "fuck you"], Fourbarrel To the rhetorician who penned this note, we say: hired. [Eater SF]