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Cow Palace Compromise: Put Up a Parking Lot

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"Selling the Cow Palace is like selling off a chunk of Golden Gate Park." Thus proclaims pro-palace group, Save The Cow Palace. The reason for their polemic tirade? Earlier this month, the erstwhile home of gun shows, Republican conventions, and the Grateful Dead got a stay of execution when the State Senate denied a bill to demolish the structure. Cow Palace won't be sold— efforts to do so were dropped yesterday— but the state will move forward with negotiations to sell off the parking lot to Daly City. Also known as "Parcel A," The Cow Palace lot is big enough to allow the expansion of the community — including much needed urban infrastructures such as a grocery store, post office, and elementary school. Despite protests against it, the new legislation recommending the rehab of the Palace and sale of the parking lot, will next be reviewed by the State Governmental Organization Committee.
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Cow Palace

2600 Geneva Ave, Daly City, CA 94014