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Gavin Throws Down With DEA Over Dispensary Threats

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Behold San Franciscans, as Our Great Leader, Gavin Newsom, goes fisticuffs with the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency: In 2007, the DEA cracked down on property owners who rent to medical marijuana dispensaries by sending out a series of letters threatening to seize their assets. Said property owners tossed that shit like a parking ticket appealed to the city; enter a resolution presented by Supe Christopher Daly back in February that renewed San Francisco's vows with the medical marijuana community by granting dispensaries the right to operate without city permits until January, 2009. Now fast forward to April 8th, where Newsom fired off a missive to the U.S. House Judiciary Committee requesting "immediate oversight" of the Fed's “on-going interference with implementation of the law.” Gavin + Mary Jane = true love forever.
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[Image courtesy LA Times]