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Game Over: Renzo's Academy Lost the LEED Race

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FACT #1: The California Academy of Science's PR team is no doubt crying hysterically/ guzzling Mad Dog/ releasing primal screams at this very moment. Why? See fact #2.

FACT #2: Renzo Piano's building will not be the first museum to earn a Platinum LEED rating. Snap! How do we know that, anyway? See fact #3.

FACT#3: Michael Lehrer of Lehrer Architects already already earned the aforementioned Platinum LEED rating for the Water + Life Museums, designed and built for the Western Center for Archeology and Paleontology + Center for Water Education in Hemet, California. Micheal who? Hemet where? Take the jump.
· Hemet Museums Win LEED Platinum Race [Curbed LA]

Water + Life Museums
Western Center for Archeology and Paleontology + Center for Water Education
Hemet, California; completed 2007

As per Lehrer Architects' website:

The Diamond Valley Lake Reservoir, completed in 1999 by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, is the largest earthworks project ever to be constructed. During the massive dig to create the reservoir, some very significant fossils were unearthed. These fossils were on display at the Diamond Valley Lake Visitor Center or in storage and desperately needed a new home. To these ends, The Center for Water Education Foundation and the Western Center Community Foundation asked for the design of two new facilities with a large outdoor connecting terrace. This 72,000 sq. ft. museum campus, was completed as a design build project in partnership with Mark Gangi and Frank Gangi of Gangi Development.