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Architecture Watch: City Hall Cools Out in Seoul

Judging by current building trends, it appears that civic architecture is a harbinger of the future: Korean firm Mass Studies have designed a mixed-use city hall for Seoul, South Korea. The building includes a symphony hall, offices, a large public gathering space, and a section that bears a slight resemblance to the Morphosis Opus on Mission Street. In the true democratic spirit of "E Pluribus Unum," Mass Studies are striving to create a single space from a combination of the existing city hall, their forward-thinking addition, and the newly integrated public plaza. Obligatory archi-babble:

"The new Seoul City Hall that is the spatial result of combining potentials will not only synthesize the past and the present, but define what is “public” in a completely new way. The purpose of this proposal is for the new City Hall to create a continuity with Seoul’s six hundred year old history while co-existing harmoniously with the larger future of the 21st century and beyond..."
Although the office towers have (ostensibly) been designed to avoid overshadowing the existing structure, in these renderings, it looks like the addition is actually consuming it— classic.
· New Seoul City Hall by Mass Studies [Dezeen]