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Holy Hyperbole: "Paris of the Pacific" at 147 Buena Vista Avenue

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Built in 1900, the listing for 147 Buena Vista Avenue describes it thusly: "[147 Buena Vista Avenue] continues to evoke a moment when San Francisco was coming of age and setting the stage to become the Paris of the Pacific. This classic Queen Anne has been melded with vogue design - a successful integration of design and historical elements define & underscore the grand scale that is so prevelant (sic) throughout." Hear that? it defines and underscores the, uh ... grand score. What other 4 bedroom, 5 bath ground-floor TIC will do that? 4,000 square feet of grandeur: $2,995,000. The views and hyperbolic descriptions: Priceless.
· 147 Buena Vista Ave [MLS]