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Hurting Homeowners Pop Anxiety Meds Like Candy

Ativan, carry us all away! Anxiety-ridden homeowners are proving a boon for the pharmaceutical industry (not to mention the local bar scene) as homeowners fear for their assets— or lack thereof. Following a recent poll of a whopping 766 American homeowners, Captain Obvious & Company, LLC delivered a shocking report: America is flipping the f*ck out over the mortgage crisis. Sleep disorders, self-esteem issues— we've got it all. In fact, a full 36% worry that they won't be able to maintain their mortgage payments should they creep any higher, while 28% are chewing their finger nails raw over the chance that their homes may depreciate in value over the coming year. Prescription drug abuse is especially heavy among those holding A.R.M. loans, the study concluded; mobile counseling units have been dispatched to major developments across the city. (Rumor has it that they'll be dispensing free samples at open house tours this weekend. Nice.)
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