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Greener Than Thou: The Lorax, Revisited

ArchNewsNow went on another jaunt through Lorax Development's "Greenest Home in San Francisco," a series of condos on 22nd Street that opened to much acclaim back in 2007. Worth a peek if only for the green porn spread, the article delves into architect John Maniscalco's plans for the project, which occupies the "a place [where] used cars went to die,” according to the developer. People have sharpened their green radars (greendars?) over the past few years, Maniscalco says; contractors are pressured to "sell" skeptical homeowners on green features more than ever before. Up next for Maniscaclo's firm, John Maniscalco/Architecture: one of Lorax Development's founder's private residence in Burlingame which is expected to waste California's energy code requirements by a full 50%. Hard. Core. Green. [ArchNewsNow]