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S.O.S.: SoMa Saves S.F.

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More evidence that SoMa is the new FiDi: The downtown leasing market is tanking, with landlords just starting to realize that they may need to lower rents to fill spaces. With financial companies delaying expansion plans due to the current economic climate, tenants are beginning to realize that they can, in fact, put the screws on their landlords. As the FiDi freezes, SoMa is heating up: FiDi usually accounts for about three quarters' worth of real estate activity during any give quarter; that number took a nose dive at the end of 2008. With new and old tech companies on the rise, economists, investors, bankers, bloggers, and web 2.0-ers are looking to SoMa to help spare San Francisco the brunt of the current forthcoming recession. Nerds, we're in your hands now.
· More downtown offices vacant, but not in SoMa [SF Business Times]