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Curb Your Enthusiasm: Market & Octavia Nabe Plan Not That Idyllic

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Last week's approval of the Market-Octavia Neighborhood Plan seemed nothing short of a miracle. Lustworthy commissions designed by local Bay Area firms Envelope A+D Architects, Stanley Saitowitz, and Build Inc. are now top priorities, and if all goes according to plan, Hayes Valley will soon house four fewer empty dirt lots. Let's keep the optimism in check though, people: With new zoning laws come new fees, and these changes are making bottom-line minded developers uncomfortable, to say the least. Those with an acute fear of heights are in luck though, as lots currently zoned for The Big Dev may now be too expensive, thus putting the breaks on immediate construction plans. Appeased, pissed— this plan's got a little something for everyone.
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[Images courtesy Stanley Saitowitz.]

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