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Ask Curbed SF: Calling All Gutter Punks to 3587 Clay Street

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WTF?, you say? Ask Curbed SF, that's what. Whatever's chapping your ass, snap a pic and send it along to the Curbed SF inbox. Hold tight— somebody out there has the answer. And if they don't, well, that's the breaks, kid.

Inquires a local conspiracy theorist of squat-in-waiting 3587 Clay Street:

What in the world is going on here? Nice block, nice houses all around, and a somewhat tatty Edwardian set of flats, which caught fire 5 (?) years ago sits vacant, ugly, untouched ever since. My pet theory is that because of rent control the owner has no incentive whatever to do anything with the property until it is cleansed of its retrograde obligations to provide cheap housing to people who would prefer to underpay. However, the truth could be far from that. The neighbors must be livid: it’s bound to be full of raccoons, pigeons, rats. There must be a legend or two floating about the nabe regarding this site, no?