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(Pre) Development Watch: Reincarnation at Columbus and Powell

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Following last week's reader query, North Beach neighbor Towse schooled us on the history of the building at the corner of Columbus and Powell, built in 1909 as the Washington Square Theater, it has subsequently been reborn as several other theaters, a taqueria, apartments, and even a 24-hour Rite Aid— this was pre-Peskin, of course— before resigning to its current state of dilapidation. Now, we place the eyesore on (Pre) Development Watch: According to the following (anonymous!) reader, however, the building won't be lying dormant for long:

As a neighbor within the right distance, I got a notice from the city a couple months ago about this building saying that the owners are undertaking an environmental impact study based on a new proposed plan to put restaurant space on the ground floor and 17 residential units above. Parking for the 17 units below ground. Most of the units will be 2 bedrooms with a couple of three bedrooms thrown in.Neighbors, developers, and NIMBY's alike— who's got the deets?
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