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Quote of the Day: Gavin Makes Green Face, Tours Sunset Idea House

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Weren't we thrilled to see Robin "complete bullshit" Wilson touring Gavin Newsom through La Casa Verde, perhaps better known as the Sunset Idea House, the Mission oasis recently named one of the Top 12 Greenest Houses in the World by ... the Discovery Channel. As has always been our experience with La Casa, good times were had by all while Gavin swept the premises with a media circus in tow. Our favorite Moment of Truth— aside from when Gavin asked to move in— came when our mayor inquired about the now-infamous 45-foot, approximately $13-20k wind turbine that powers the home. A brief excerpt from the conversation:

Gavin to Robin: "What did your neighbors think when you put this up?"
Robin to Gavin: "They loved it. Everyone loves it! ... I knew how much power I could create."

Funny, we seem to recall differently. Following his field trip, Gavin announced the city's recent creation of the "Residential Wind Power Working Group Task Force." No word on whether Wilson will chair the group or not. Breath: bated.
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