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Pier 48: Top Secret Safe House?

For a brief moment this week, the awe-inspiring collection of architectural wonders built for the upcoming Beijing Olympics took a backseat to a warehouse in San Francisco. Like something from a bad Dashiell Hammett novel, the San Francisco Olympic torch relay is being woven into a narrative of deceit and intrigue, the soon to be legendary Tale of the Torch. Involved in this plot: decoy torches, misdirection, hair-brained schemes, shadowy conversations, a massive campaign of public misinformation, duck boats, Chinese puppeteers, and a now-notorious warehouse on Pier 48. As part of the plan for Sea Wall Lot 337, the fate of warehouse 48, currently listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is a bit up in the air: Some developers are hoping to make it work as a high-end Ferry Building-like space for art and art lovers, though it is currently used as a venue for corporate shindigs and fashion shows ... and a hideout for political plotters.
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