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Back on the Market: Fam Can't Hack the Green Day House

Back in November, Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt flipped his Oakland/ Berkeley (whatevs) home for $1,550,000, well below his initial asking price of $1,699,000; the house (and its 45-foot diameter hot tub) had languished on the market since the previous May. And now it's back on the block (For an undisclosed price. Anyone?). Looks like the fam who purchased the place just can't hack it. Reports a reader from the nabe:

Just thought you might want to know for yo' blog that the green day house is once more back on the market as of last week. While the shouts and screams of children were heard for several months, it appears the new family/owners didn't care for Roble Road— or more likely couldn't hack the mortgage...· Bye Bye Green Day: Dirnt Sells Oakland Home (finally) [Curbed SF]